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 [the Crossing] - an unexpected action analysis 


designed by the amazing Baru, animated by yours truly :) 
it’s taken forever but it’s finished! *puff*


Somehow a lousy background and turnaround of Bilbo that I did turned into this beautiful animation. Go worship tumblebuggie right now!! <333


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Gorgeous part of ”Hobbit” ost, which is not uncluded in official soundtrack.All I could find - is a sound from this part of a movie.

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Title: The Song od a Lonely 9,955 plays


Bilbo Baggins in new ‘The Hobbit’ tv spots.

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I think I’m quite ready for another adventure!

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"What’s wrong with our kids,man?!”


My first video gifs, with bad humor… YAY MARTIN FREEMAN!

-But daddy,I want to see dwarfs!

-I don’t want to hear anything!

-But daddy!



woops still not over this

Aimee has never been into Lord of the Rings, but today she said that she was “excited to learn about Legolas’ dwarf-racist party dad” and I was so proud.

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Lee Pace as the Elvenking Thranduil

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