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Title: 100 Years Of Choke Artist: World's End Girlfriend 15,863 plays



World’s End Girlfriend - 100 Years Of Choke

Title: Karma Police Oriental Radiohead Cover Artist: Rotem Shefy & Leat Sabbah 5,511 plays
Title: The Ballad of Puppets 3,509 plays
Title: Prologue Artist: Loreena McKennit 3,257 plays

Loreena McKennit - Prologue

Title: Noor Artist: Azam Ali 4,079 plays

Azam Ali - Noor

Title: Dandini 6,435 plays

Dandini - Turkish lullaby

Title: White Cat Artist: Melnitsa 7,217 plays

Melnitsa - ”White Cat” lullaby

Title: Tale about Devil Artist: Melnitsa 5,111 plays

”Tale about Devil”, russian folk-group Melnitsa

Artist: Arany Zoltán 3,155 plays

there was no european music for long.

Walther von der Vogelweide, XII-XIII century

Title: То не ветер ветку клонит 3,783 plays

"То не ветер ветку клонит" - written in 1840-s.

Title: Arrival of the birds & Transformation‏ Artist: The Cinematic Orchestra 5,601 plays

The Cinematic Orchestra - Arrival of the birds & Transformation‏

Title: Je ne me puis tenir d'aimer Artist: Josquin Des Prez 2,015 plays

Some Renaissance music for today…

Josquin des Prez - Je ne me puis tenir d’aimer

Title: Vespers Artist: Lisa Gerrard & Patrick Cassidy 2,479 plays

Ashes and Snow - Vespers

Title: Dragana i slavei Artist: Bulgarian Women's Chorus 7,507 plays

Bulgarian Women’s Chorus - Dragana i slavei