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Empress Xiaokemin (Wan Rong,) last Qing empress of China. She was married at 16 to Puyi, the final emperor in the Qing dynasty, and would later become the empress of the puppet state Manchukuo in the 1930s and 1940s. She was an educated woman who was fluent in English and loved to write letters to her friends, read mystery novels, dabble in photography, and play the piano. She lived a very bizarre and cloistered existence controlled by the Japanese in Manchukuo and turned to opium to dull the loneliness and pain of her husband’s rejection. She died as a political prisoner at 39. This photo is of her on her wedding day, when she was really a beautiful girl. 

Traditional chinese children tiger-hats, XIX century

Traditional chinese children footwear with tigers. So cute ;___;

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Chinese saddle, Tibet, XVII-XVIII century.

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