Please check my film out and PLEDGE if you can! If you can’t pledge, a simple REBLOG would be forever appreciated! For more information, click the image or click here to visit the Kickstarter page.

I’m an animation student in my final year, and I’m working on my thesis film right now which will help me graduate and hopefully launch my future art career. But I really need $500 to get the film completed. The money will go towards crucial parts of the film that I can’t do alone: Sound design, music, and art assistants. 

The rewards include postcard prints of my “Dude on a Bison” drawing, my “Strongman and Pianist” drawing, and signed sketches from me sent in the mail. ANY AMOUNT HELPS, so please pledge if you can!

My previous films have been fun, gory romps that kinda test the waters of what I’d like to create. To me, animation is a medium where you can make anything happen in excruciating, hilarious detail and be totally believable, so that’s something I want to have fun with. And Our Argument is that as well.  But Our Argument is more personal.

No one wins in an argument. When anger starts, you feel like the greatest person in the world, like you need to win, like you need to fight for what’s right. it makes you feel like a superhero, at the very least a miniature Hulk. 

But the voice of temperance and rationality catches up to you too late, and you realize you’ve been an ass and you’ve probably hurt the person you care most about. 

Realization, regret, and self loathing. Those are the parts of arguing that stick out the most to me. And this film is meant to show what those look like.

You can check out more of my animation work on my Vimeo page, or on pollums.com (for non-animation work as well).


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    Sadly I can’t donate myself but if anyone has any extra cash laying around this would be a great way to spend it....
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    LAST 24 HOURS BEFORE PLEDGING ENDS! Check out the project and the rewards if you haven’t already! Thank you SO SO MUCH...
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