My piece for the Mondo X Disney SXSW art show.

Officially-licensed, 7-colour screen print. 24x36. Edition of 250.



The incredible brushwork of Sir Anthony van Dyck.

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Basilica of San Vitale - Ravenna (Italy)

The Church of San Vitale, the masterpiece of Byzantine art in Ravenna. Construction began in 526 by Bishop Ecclesius under the Ostrogothic queen Amalasuntha (d. 535) and was consecrated in 547 during the reign of the emperor Justinian. This octagonal church, built of marble and capped by a lofty terra-cotta dome, is one of the most important surviving examples of Byzantine architecture and mosaic work.

 virtual tour here

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request for anonym : Royal woman + blue

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request for anonym: Top 5 crowns

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Tadashi Shoji fall 2014 rtw details

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Joseph Lorusso, Soft Eyes 

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(c) ”Major Thunder”



unknown Kwakwaka’wakw artist (Kwakwaka’wakw), Killer Whale Mask, ca. 1900, wood, paint, cloth, and string

Portland Art Museum

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(Unknown). Deer Spirit. Edo Period, Japan. 1615-1868.

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Magnificent century random women clothes.


Ask me top 5 _____ of 2013: Suleyman`s outfits

Golden-brown outfits from episode 111
Black-purple outfits from episode 95
Azure outfits from episode 103
Red outfits from episode 102
Golden-black outfits from episode 74

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He does still surprise me and he makes me hungry to work with him and see what he does and comes up with. [The Master] was something that I came up with because I wanted to spend more time with him. We’d worked together a lot, five times. But it was never enough. It was a supporting part or something like that. It never felt like we’d gotten super dirty enough together" - Paul Thomas Anderson

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