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Hellboy II. The Golden Army




this is the first test scene from KING KILLS , our grad film, we are working on this year with Phobs (and many other guys)

a lot of work has been done for it: starting from concepts many months ago, then my colorkey image

and a concept drawing by Phobsimage

final background is done by waneella <3 i’m extreeemly happy to work with

my animation and compositing with Katya Solomina’s helping hand

see, animation is wasting time with a lot of people involved)

Gifs from our graduation film) So much thank you for all people who involved ОЩО


The Castle City of Mystras / The temple of Peribleptos:

The temple of Peribleptos devoted to the Holy Virgin was built in the 14th century. It was founded by the first Despotes of Mystras, Manuel Katakouzenos and his wife Isabella de Lusignan.

The frescoes were executed in the third quarter of the 14th century and they are the work of four painters. These frescoes are also regarded as the most important group of the post-Byzantine period, since similar groups have not been found, or survived, in the capital of Byzantium, Constantinople (Istanbul). The artistry and unity of the representations are of high artistic value.

It should be noted that the churches of Mystra are still in function as places of religious worship, so please be respectful when inside. It should go without saying that flash photography is absolutely prohibited.

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TURKEY. Nevsehir. 

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Ginger Rogers + favorite outfits (from The Fred Astaire-Ginger Rogers series)

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Our Cosmic Address

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Gustave Moreau - Salome Dancing Before Herod, 1876



Mit Senoj, Miss Asilidae, 2014


Alexander McQueen S/S 2015  RTW


ZUHAIR MURAD Spring/Summer RTW 2015

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